Letters: Don Bristo, May 17, 2016

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EU flag. EMN-160505-155701001
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I voted for continued EU membership in 1975 and deplore the PM’s decision to hold a further referendum since it was merely made to upstage UKIP and silence the critics within his own party and had nothing to do with the best interests of this nation.

For weeks we’ve been fed a diet of dire warnings about the foolhardiness of leaving the EU in an attempt to scare the electorate into submission, even though a Brexit result will take years to put into effect during which time alternative trading arrangements could be negotiated with countries desperate to continue doing business with us.

The latest preposterous claim is that UK EU membership has ensured peace in Europe. The EU didn’t exist until 1958 whilst the UK didn’t join until 1973. It may hurt our pride to admit it but World War Two was largely won in the Pacific by the USA and in Europe by the Soviet Union and the nuclear stalemate of these two nations has ensured stability with a little help from NATO’s stand

Don Bristo

Cedar Way, Gayton