Letters: East Rudham writer, February 10, 2015

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Brian Baylis (Letters, February 3) is quite correct that far too many motoring offences such as driving while using a mobile phone, tailgating or driving without lights are going undetected and unpunished by the police.

The police are indeed about on the road but would prefer to nobble a driver slightly exceeding a speed limit on a totally deserted road at 11pm.

I speak from bitter experience.

Having ascertained that my vehicle was fully legal and that my breath test reading was zero, you would think that a ticking off by the officers would suffice.

But no, an intimidatory ‘offer’ of a speed awareness course (quite informative, it turned out, but overpriced at £88) had to be logged.

In this target-driven madhouse that we now live in, I am sure this ticket helped towards some kind of quota but it did nothing to address the growing number of idiots on the road.

Like Mr Baylis, I politely made this point to the officers but, of course, to no effect.

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East Rudham