Letters: Ed Brownbill, April 29, 2016

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I am finding it totally incredulous that the powers that be, currently campaigning for the Remain vote, just do not seem to be getting the concerns of the British public.

Osborne’s latest forecast of doom and gloom based on an economist’s dodgy formula and Corbyn, going against his historical views with his half-hearted plea to stay in, base everything on our economy failing should we leave. Financially we may be better or worse if we vote Leave, time would tell.However the real issue for most of us is the EU open border policy and mass immigration.

It is seeing in real time our NHS under unrelenting pressure, our schools filled to the point of bursting, our beautiful countryside ( the envy of the world) being lost forever in order to accommodate the shortage of housing, our police service straining to maintain law and order and the EU forcing us to employ less qualified personnel from the EU whilst turning down more talented candidates from the rest of the world.

Citizens of Germany, France and Italy are also beginning to make noises about the failing political European Union. It is time to bury it’s idealism and return to just a trading partnership as it once was.

Ed Brownbill, South Wootton