Letters: Ed Brownbill, March 17, 2015

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Having followed the prolific correspondence in your letters page regarding the proposed decimation of the much loved green space surrounding Lynnsport, I feel compelled to write and add my own comments.

My wife and I relocated to this beautiful area of the country over 10 years ago having lived most of our lives in East Berkshire.

When we were kids that area was also a pleasant semi-rural area where people took for granted the pleasures of green spaces. The then borough council of Windsor and Maidenhead embarked on a programme of allowing the over-development of land which turned this part of the country in to an overcrowded, unbearable place to live, so much so that we decided to live here.

Now it seems that West Norfolk is making exactly the same mistakes and are also intent on destroying the peace and tranquillity of a quiet corner of England.

However this does open up another argument because, as your other correspondents quite rightly point out, they are being bribed by central government to build houses because of the chronic national shortage of housing.

The last Labour government stand accused of allowing mass immigration to this country but under Cameron’s watch immigration has risen by over 500,000 this year alone. He can do nothing to stem this tidal surge because of EU rules, of which we are a member. Therefore, with an impending election coming up fast, we all have to ask ourselves, who exactly are we giving up our green spaces for?

Ed Brownbill,

South Wootton