Letters: Edith Reeves, February 23, 2016

Red Mount in the Walks King's Lynn ANL-140220-150310001
Red Mount in the Walks King's Lynn ANL-140220-150310001
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In 2009 I wrote to the Lynn News saying “Don’t come to King’s Lynn on Sundays because we are closed”.

I was refering to the fact that no heritage sites were open at all on Sundays.

Immediately, the volunteers at the Red Mount and South Gate offered to do just that and they have opened every Sunday in the summer season without fail for six years and hope to continue to do so.

I was very happy to hear this week that two more sites will be opening on Sundays in future, St Nicholas’s Chapel and The Stories of Lynn at the old town hall. Great.

Maybe the powers that be could open the Seahenge exhibition, too, at the town museum?

How about True’s Yard as well? To accomplish this we need more volunteers.

Can you please help?

Contact 01553 760 184 and I will pass details on to the appropriate people.

Edith Reeves, Extons Road, Lynn