Letters: Edward Wheatley, December 2, 2016

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Sadly I have to agree with Mr Vinehill’s gloomy analysis that it is the major multi-national companies who have the real power.

Certainly at the global and national levels. With the setting up of agencies; the privatisation of the major utilities and imminently the NHS; the instigation of regional mayors and the combining of the old counties, it seems Government are wanting to take as little responsibility as they can.

One would hope that we poor peasants would at least be able to affect the parochial problems that beset us locally. But certainly that doesn’t seem to be the case around here.

All together now, “It’s the same the ’ole world over, the world over, it’s the same… It’s the rich what gets the pleasure and the poor what gets the blame.”

I’ll have a double while you’re there, Nick.

Edward Wheatley, Hunstanton