Letters: Edward Wheatley, February 21, 2017

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I am assuming that Ms Sue Dockett (Lynn News, February 10) is too young to have experienced the ’50s and ’60s and this accounts for her somewhat defective analysis of the fundamental causes of the problems we are currently undergoing due to excessive immigration.

In fact the numbers then were relatively small compared to today’s millions but there were still vigorous protestations from various groups of workers. These not only went unsupported by the trade unions but were condemned by whole swathes of the Labour party, particularly those middle class lefties with their free university educations working in the BBC.

In fact it wasn’t really until the arrival of the Kenyan Asians in the late Sixties that the flood gates began to open.

The reason that the British economy (according to Ms Dockett) is now reliant on immigrant labour is because the trade unions failed to protect British skills back then . At that time there were a whole range of industry-by-industry funded training boards providing a pool of excellent craftsmen and technicians. There were also plenty of unskilled jobs providing the first step on the ladder for those aspiring to better themselves. Employers closed these down when they discovered it was cheaper (and therefore more profitable) to employ workers already trained abroad, not to mention those willing to fill less demanding jobs at a lower wage.

It is a failure of the left to stop this over the past 50 years. Which is why I believe the Labour Party will be replaced by a popular movement such as UKIP very soon and mass immigration ended.

As for Mrs Rust, she and her bridge-building pals should understand these structures go both ways and I look forward to them facilitating the freeing of houses, school places and NHS appointments as people return home across them.

Edward Wheatley