Letters: Edward Wheatley, February 6, 2015

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John Maiden is concerned with the effect the planned new houses will have on transport. I am concerned with the effect on our medical and other services.

More than 300 new houses in total will increase new residents by about 700 adding 15 per cent to our population.

We have been invited to raise any objections to the current plans on the grounds of “soundness”.

A curious and somewhat arcane word – “soundness”. The definitions in the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary are very varied, but none seem to have a planning application (sorry – too tempting a pun to avoid).

Forgive my cynicism, but could this deliberate obscurantism be the way the council hopes to eliminate criticism by saying that any it receives will not be applicable because it is not addressing the plan in terms of “soundness”.

They have form in manipulative semantics. So perhaps they’d be good enough to detail the criteria by which “soundness” may be determined for the benefit of those of us paying their wages.

Edward Wheatley