Letters: Edward Wheatley, January 22, 2016

Lynn News Hustings at COWA'Jo Rust ANL-150422-085411009
Lynn News Hustings at COWA'Jo Rust ANL-150422-085411009
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Yes, Mrs Rust, your comments on Henry Bellingham’s knighthood did sound “like sour grapes” to me. Just not sour enough!

He’s supposed to be your adversary not your pal. What I did find totally unacceptable was you “doffing your cap” to him and adding your congratulations.

I think in this small gesture you exemplified one of the major faults in British politics – the “Professional Politicians’ Club”.

Here we find politicians of all parties who purport to have entirely different views hob-knobbing with their political opponents surrounded by a coterie of sycophantic journalists, who socialise rather than scrutinise.

In fact, I think the media and political classes, regardless of party, hold the rest of us in deepest contempt and I don’t mean just the Tory Toffs – remember Mrs Duffy? How else could one explain their refusal to do anything about the policy that most concerns the vast majority of us – the mass immigration that has destroyed our country over the past 50 years? While the hordes clamour at our gates and the civilised world collapses, like guests at a perpetual Edwardian garden party they ignore the distant rumble of the guns on the Somme and indulge in a genteel game of politics.

Edward Wheatley