Letters: Edward Wheatley, July 10, 2015

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Nick Vinehill says that the membership of the EU ‘has always been anathema for the Tories’. Using two-bob words will not disguise the fact that it has also not been wholehearted supported by many Labour politicians – The late Rt Hon Viscount Stansgate ( Anthony Wedgewood Benn) to name but a few.

I am a ‘Little Englander’, a UKIP supporter, and the greatest of all sinners in the eyes of middle-class lefties like Mr Vinehill, “a Daily Mail Reader”.

However, contrary to his unsubstantiated assertion, I do not believe that the EU is a ‘communist block’.

I believe the EU is run by a bunch of overpaid, unelected, self-serving bureaucrats and a cabal of second rate politicians exiled by their governments to Brussels to clear the way for better people to take their places in their own legislatures.

I also believe that many of them are anti-British and are doing their best to attack this country by, for example, speeding as many illegal immigrants across the Continent to land on our shores without even pretending to fulfil the international regulations on asylum seekers, and destroying our civil society by making it possible for millions of foreigners to swamp our once green and pleasant land.

As to controlling global corporations – they can’t even turn in a set of decent accounts let alone handle major problems in their own back yard like Greece.

Mr Vinehill’s letter seems to me to strike a generally disparaging tone regarding the organisation with which I agree, yet he still thinks we should stay in. Confusing ain’t it !

Edward Wheatley