Letters: Edward Wheatley, July 18, 2016

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Those who voted to Remain are prepared to harm our country by talking us down in the hope of proving their prophecies of doom right.

This is, I assume, an example of the “British Values” to which I Christie refers (Lynn News, July 12) along with a load of unsubstantiated accusations.

Simon Clarke joins in by repeating the ineffectual threats that made up the Remainers’ message before the referendum.

Neither seems to understand that trade takes place between businesses not governments and trade agreements are not necessary for this to continue. Whilst the UK is both a major market and supplier, I can’t see German, or other European firms cutting off their profitable noses to spite the British face.

One thing does worry me – the politicians seem determined to carry out lengthy negotiations. I suppose this is in order to prove they are earning their salaries. I am concerned that this will delay the ending of mass immigration that was clearly at the heart of most Brexit voters’ motivation.

Edward Wheatley, Hunstanton