Letters: Edward Wheatley, July 22, 2016

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The forthcoming disruption which will be caused by the roundabout to be built at the junction of the Hunstanton Road and the A149 is just another example of how our so-called representatives give no consideration to the detrimental effect their decisions may have on the majority of us.

So it is sad, but no surprise, to find the dissatisfaction and distrust of those who have set themselves up to rule us does not stop at Westminster but also encompasses our local worthies. Why, for example, did our councillors give planning consent to the development at Heacham, knowing that the vast majority of their electors would be against it?

Who does it benefit? Certainly not the people of Hunstanton and Heacham who will find their services in terms of NHS, etc, stretched even further by the addition of new houses. Nor local businesses who will have to bear the costs of the disruption to their trade.

So who? Why, the landowners and developers of course, who will reap all of the profit without suffering any of the disadvantages.

Were the views of the voters taken into account? Of course not.

And it is too late now to prevent the inconvenience and long-term problems we will experience.

But friends, it is not too late for revenge. At the next local elections let us look back and see which councillors agreed to this development and vote accordingly.

Edward Wheatley, Hunstanton