Letters: Edward Wheatley, July 5, 2016

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“He’s dead but he won’t lie down” is an old expression that could be applied to the defeated Remain supporters.

And whereas the leading lights who only speak to each other in Hampstead pubs might be able to convince themselves that they did not lose, foot soldiers like Mr Mike Larcey cannot be unaware of it.

In fact, even after scraping the very bottom of his barrel of support by reference to a “quick-grow” lefty Spanish party, “Podemos”, he can only repeat the tired unsubstantiated assertions that were rightly discounted even by Labour supporters during the referendum. And one is forced to ask, are he and his pals really suggesting we would be better off in a country with a 20 per cent overall unemployment rate, including 45 per cent youth unemployment?

Mrs Rust inspires such devotion in her supporters that they even look for erring inverted commas. I used the quotation marks in my letter of May 31 to isolate my question (as if asking it at the event). If Mr Cox didn’t understand this I’m sorry – but not very sorry.

Edward Wheatley, Hunstanton