Letters: Edward Wheatley, June 14, 2016

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And how typical that Mrs Jo Rust whilst showing me the courtesy of a reply takes the opportunity to insult me by suggesting that I am too stupid to make up my own mind and that the position I hold – that mass immigration has been a total disaster – comes from the “popular” press.

The reason it is “popular” is because it reflects the views held by the vast majority of us.

Meanwhile be grateful that so many of your supporters – whose jobs, homes, school places and doctors appointments are being taken by these people you welcome – are too busy scraping along on the zero hours contracts (that Labour permitted the bosses to impose) to investigate the detail of what you write. Like trying to fool us by quoting organisations like the IPPR as if they were independent when they are, in fact, left-wing think tanks as committed as you are to EU membership regardless of cost. Labour leaders are no more democratic then the Tory Toffs – they all want to tell us what to think and what to do. But at least the latter don’t pretend it is for our own good or claim the moral high-ground.

Give me back my country, Mrs Rust – not too much to ask is it?