Letters: Edward Wheatley, March 24, 2015

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A masterpiece of ignorance and stupidity reeking of political bigotry” – couldn’t have put it better myself Mr Warden. Sums up YOUR letter and opinions exactly.

“Ignorance”? Your suggestion that so-called “culling” is needed, when every fool knows that foxes are territorial animals and when one is killed another moves in and takes over the vacated space (Mind you I thought we had silenced the so called “culling” argument years ago).

Stupidity”? Is that what you think we animal lovers suffer from? If not, would you suggest that chasing a terrified animal for hours until it is exhausted and them tearing it to bits could be described as “the cleanest method”?

Yes Mr Warden, halal butchery is barbaric and disgusting. But our slimy politicians refuse to implement the wishes of the vast majority of the electorate and end it for fear of upsetting the ethnic minorities and their acolytes at the BBC. So until English values can be restored for every activity let’s at least stick to banning blood – note the word ”BLOOD” - sports.

Edward Wheatley,