Letters; Edward Wheatley, November 22, 2016

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I would be flattered to read that Mr Cox remembers my letters better than I do if he displayed the slightest evidence of a sense of humour.

Who would choose to ignore the fact that mass immigration has meant fewer jobs, houses, school places, and NHS appointments for the indigenous population, not to mention the destruction of our traditional way of life? One cannot help wondering why he has chosen to live now in an area free of the cultural diversity he seems to love. As to his assertion that Channel 4 News “has consistently won awards for its objectivity”, perhaps he’d like to tell us just which awards these were and assure us that they were not dished out by the same lefty liberal cabal who run the equally “unbiased” BBC – his other reference source.

But since Mr Cox seems to crave apologies, let me give him another – I apologise for accusing him of being short in the sense of humour department when his little letter gave me such a good laugh.

Edward Wheatley, Hunstanton