Letters: Edward Wheatley, October 28, 2016

General View of Wisbech Town Centre ANL-140224-143455001
General View of Wisbech Town Centre ANL-140224-143455001
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I think what Voltaire actually wrote was: “I may disagree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it – unless you are a Remainer or a Corbynista.”

The latter phrase was lost in Miss Evelyn Beatrice Hall’s translation. As to Mr Cox’s remarks (Letters, October 14) about the Channel 4 report on Wisbech, does he really think that Channel 4 is unbiased on immigration? Finally he should ask himself has he got a job, a house, a speedy GP or hospital appointment when he needs it and places for his children at local school where English isn’t a second language?

Or perhaps he’d like to move to Wisbech or one of the many other areas where the community has been affected by mass immigration and these questions would be answered in the negative but his liberal conscience would be clear.

Edward Wheatley, Hunstanton