Letters: Ellen Harrowing, January 16, 2015

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I feel it is a travesty that the council wants to take away our beautiful green fields at Lynnsport.

My friend and I have walked around River Lane for a year now walking our dogs, sitting under the big tree and watching the world go by and just letting our dogs run around and play.

We have watched families flying kites (or trying to!), teenagers just sitting and chatting in groups, little children

learning to ride their bikes as well as other dog walkers.

To be able to let your child run ahead of you on the way home from school without the worry of them getting run over, people you don’t know will stop and chat and at the weekend there is always a footie match going on.

Where else in North Lynn can you do that? I just wanted to speak from my heart about what that area means to local, normal, people.

I love just being able to walk and breath in fresh air.

I think the councillors who want this development are basically being very selfish.

They don’t care what we want, just what they want.

I went to one of the open consultations and all the councillor kept banging on about was that we were getting new 3G football pitches etc.

I don’t care about that, although I’m sure there are people who will enjoy them.

I care about the loss of green space and another thing – where will the wildlife go when they are scared off? Not to the conservation area they propose to create as they will be long gone by then.

Ellen Harrowing,

North Lynn