Letters: G Doubleday, February 13, 2015

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The King’s Lynn Internal Drainage Board has changed.

Board members traditionally used to represent their own geographical area in their part of the drainage district so the whole area was represented.

Recently, appointed members have appeared who have no area to represent. They represent organisations who pay to finance operations. In return for their money they have a say in how it is spent.

So the board is no longer democratic. Democracy is defined as: government by all classes for the benefit of all classes. A form of government in which supreme power is directly or indirectly lodged in the hands of the people.

This is no longer the case. Drainage is no longer available for all classes.

The number of appointed members of the board exceeds the number of elected members.

What areas do elected members represent? I am told that the borough council contributes large sums of money to finance the board’s activities so is entitled to have representation. The board is not a limited company.

The borough council should not be doing this. It should be the responsibility of central government to finance the drainage of low lying coastal areas.

Why should coastal counties and boroughs bear this financial burden while inland boroughs are completely free of this type of expense?

Democracy should be returned to coastal drainage boards so they can drain every class of ratepayer.

What a ridiculous situation where a drainage board can demand payment of rates without having to fulfil its commitment to drain the ratepayers’ land.

What is unacceptable is that a ratepayer can be taken to court for failing to pay rates before the period of drainage has expired!

What sort of trading standard allows no facility for complaining?

What other legitimate business trades under such draconian terms?

This monopoly leads to the accompanying arrogant indifference to customers’ needs. A typical case for Conservative privatisation.

What is an internal drainage board doing building gravel banks on the seashore while inland agriculturl land remains water-logged?

It must be the money supplied by the votes of appointed borough councillors that is leading to this change of priorities.

My priorities are your priorities the elected member and vice-chairman said before the election. Afterwards his priorities have changed.

The government must see how its failures to finance sea defences from central funds has led to this undemocratic situation.

G Doubleday