Letters: G Thos King, December 23, 2016

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The Government has now declared war on sepsis outbreaks in our hospitals.

Repeatedly, the blame is put squarely on the state of cleanliness of the buildings and staff. This is unfair. It is the poor behaviour of the great unwashed that defeats any effort made to improve things.

This week, I spent three hours attending clinics and found Queen Elizabeth Hospital littered with hand washing potions and there is a new washing facility just inside the main entrance.

It was totally ignored by the hundreds of peaple flowing to and fro. In the three hours I was there, I was the only person (and my wife) seen to use the abundant gels. The bugs are being imported by the hour and there is no enforcement of the means to combat them.

This new effort by government is doomed to failure unless hospitals get more ruthless.

G Thos King, Cedar Way, West Lynn