Letters: G Thos King, February 20, 2015

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Re: The front page (Lynn News, February 6) on the Lynnsport land grab for (unjustified) housing. This is being done by the present council administration who seem willing to build on sports land, farmland and anywhere that does not require the input work.

There are acres of derelict land within and around the borough being brushed under the Town Hall carpet.

In West Lynn (the forgotten part of the borough), we have 11 acres of ex-Del Monte land- on three separate locations, which all resemble bombsites. Lynn planners appear unaware of these and they have no vision for the future of the land. There would be no need to build on Lynnsport if greater effort was put in on already usable and available land.

I hope the residents of Gaywood and the Woottons win this battle and get our councillors to represent the electors and nothing else.

G Thos King,

Cedar Way, West Lynn