Letters: G Thos King, January 26, 2015

KL Arts Centre exhibition ANL-150714-121747001
KL Arts Centre exhibition ANL-150714-121747001
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I have to add to the dismay at the out-of-the-blue’ closure of Lynn’s Fermoy Art Centre.

This was the only venue in Lynn where local art groups and artists and sculptors could display their efforts at modest cost. St Nicholas Chapel, managed from London, requires around £400 to use it. We have a right wing council and government, based on business and market force aims, so supporting any public service or facility is abhorrent to them.

I offer my best wishes to Liz and her staff who worked tirelessly to promote interest in the centre, not forgetting the work with schools and learning projects. Unfortunately this work does not make profits for the speculators who would like these buildings for flats or housing.

G. Thos. King

Cedar Way, West Lynn