Letters: G Thos King, March 10, 2017

King's Lynn Police Station.
King's Lynn Police Station.
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The Lynn News reports that the Lynn police headquarters, on London Road, is having £1.3 million spent on refurbishment.

I find this a puzzle. We learn that the police have lost thousands of officers , which is demonstrated by the virtual withdrawal of community policing, apart from token appearances here and there to make a point. We have experienced two police commissioners, whose job seems to be to complement the Force on efficiently doing less of what the community wishes. The schools are awash with cocaine and other foul things – why? The Government, aided by the voters, has clearly indicated that it does not want an adequate police force. Why then spend a fortune on a building? Surely the tin sheds on the pavement will service what few policemen there are available. They will need car parking though.

G Thos King

Cedar Way, West Lynn