Letters: G Thos King, September 22, 2015

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Your report on Anglia Water Sludge Centre Expansion (Lynn News, September 8) peculiarly places the operation and its effects in Clenchwarton.

You have comment from Clenchwarton Parish Council. What is not revealed is that the present facility is in West Lynn, that neglected and largely forgotten part of Lynn.

Very little of Clenchwarton is affected by the presence of these sewage works. Conversely, the operation is adjacent to the large West Lynn community.

The one operation that affects both villages is the transport of material to these works. I have submitted a new road plan which would avoid both villages. This has been rejected by Anglia Water with feeble reasons. The will is just not there, nor with the county council’s Highways Department. I trust your reporters will be made aware of the presence of West Lynn. Local councillors will no doubt be willing to speak for the village.

G Thos King

Cedar Way, West Lynn