Letters: Gareth Allen, June 7, 2016

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In response to K May, whose letter was published in the paper last Friday regarding the cuts to funding. Firstly the ‘proposed cuts’ have already started.

They have, in fact, been backdated to last October and applied retrospectively since we recently lost our second appeal to the Secretary of State. As a primary care provider, we spend very little of our funding on ‘non-primary care functions’ so virtually all our funding goes on staff wages.

So a reduction of 11% in our funding will inevitably mean a cut in staff, as the alternative is to impose an 11% pay cut.

It is now extremely difficult to find doctors and nurses to work in either hospital or general practice, and we spend large amounts of money advertising, trying to recruit clinical staff.

It is likely that we won’t be able to replace staff when they move on or retire.

It is, I’m afraid, obvious that an 11 per cent funding cut will adversely affect the ‘primary care functions’ of a primary care provider. I’m surprised that anyone would think otherwise.

Dr Gareth Allen

Vida Healthcare medical director