Letters: Gayton Resident, November 8, 2016

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I am a resident of Gayton and have to walk up Winch Road to get to the local shops. The amount of dog mess on the pavements is disgusting. It’s now got to the point where you have to walk on the road as it has been spread up the path.

There is so much dog mess along Winch Road that I, personally, think that it should be highlighted as a tourist attraction. I have only seen more dog mess in one place once before and that was on a dedicated dog walking field. It’s disgraceful. If you have a dog, clean up after its mess.

On another point, why walk your dog late at night (after 11pm) or early morning (before 3am)? These people must either be insomniacs or could they be the guilty party?

For those owners who are not aware, dog mess can contain a nasty, little worm that can cause blindness.

Concerned Gayton resident