Letters: Gaywood problems, June 5, 2015

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As a village, Gaywood has grown immensely over the years. We are fortunate to have so many amenities, such as shops, doctors’ surgery, schools, our wonderful library plus our own Queen Elizabeth Hospital close by. We also have the Gaywood cemetery which is beautifully kept by a few very hard working men.

We have our own bowling green in our lovely park which I understand was given in trust to the local people by the Bagge family. Is this correct?

For many years Lynn cricket team played all their home matches in the park. The cricket pavilion was built for that reason. I believe money was then raised to build the community centre.

With the ever increasing population in this area, a community centre is an asset for so many different functions such as parties, line dancing, old time dancing, afternoon dancing, auctions, nurseries and bingo.

At this present time our community centre needs updating. Passing by, it looks in a sad and sorry state at the moment.

So just who today is responsible for the upkeep repairs, roof, utility bills etc? Has it ever received a Lottery grant or funding of any description? If not, why not? Is West Norfolk Council responsible for repairs? Perhaps Lynn News readers know of its history and management.

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