Letters: Geoffrey Harris, April 22, 2016

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I have often wondered if we really live in a democracy, now having received the Government booklet on why we should remain in the EU, my suspicions are confirmed – we do not!

When David Cameron promised the people of this country a vote whether to stay in the EU or not, one assumed, and I believe rightly, it would be a fair and proper vote, “do you wish to stay in or come out”. Clearly it is not.

The Government has spent over £9million of tax payers’ money trying to persuade us all to stay in, is that fair? Reading through the booklet it is clear to see it is full of half truths and downright lies. The much-acclaimed triumph of Cameron getting more power back from Europe over benefit payments and other matters relating to the the welfare system are built on sand, and can easily be overturned by the European Court of Law. The booklet also states we control our own borders. Do we?

For all the meetings after meetings to discuss open borders, very little if anything has been achieved. The UK will not come to a standstill if we exit the EU, countries will still want British goods and services.

We will be able to trade across the world without restrictions and having to pay vast sums to the EU which far outweigh what we get back.

The EU is a mess, it will never work, the UK will be far better off for coming out. In 20 years time the EU will have ceased to be anyway.

Geoffrey J Harris, Holme