Letters: George Doubleday, December 13, 2016

day shoot march 2016 SUS-160718-115103001
day shoot march 2016 SUS-160718-115103001
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I read in your paper of plans for West Norfolk Council to build 1,500 homes in Walsoken.

I assume this will be on greenfield land. When the residents of Walsoken travel to Lynn, they have to pass through several hectares of brownfield land. May I suggest the leader of the borough council looks long and hard at the eyesore in South Lynn before he condones building on greenfield land in Walsoken. The chances are that land will be the smart bramley orchards. How can the traditional heart of the bramley apple orchards be destroyed? The National Trust is planting orchards. If the Conservative administration is making bramley growing uneconomical, let the National Trust take over our heritage.

G Doubleday, Walsoken