Letters: George Doubleday, December 20, 2016

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I planted an orchard at my home 40 years ago and it cropped one year at 26 tons per acre.

The King’s Lynn Internal Drainage Board used to drain my land very efficiently until recently when management changed. The board used to be democratically run by elected members. An Act of Parliament allowed members to be appointed and it did away quite deliberately with democracy.

The relevant sentence is: “The number of appointed local authority members of an IDB must not exceed by more than one the number of other members of the Board.” So assuring their majority. There are other restrictions to these. One is: “When local authorities appoint a person to the board, they should appoint someone who has knowledge or experience of some matters relevant to the functions of the board and has shown capacity in such a matter.” As standards have deteriorated may I invite appointed members to declare their relevant experience of drainage which justifies qualifying them for a seat on the board?

G Doubleday

Broadend Road, Walsoken