Letters: George Doubleday, November 29, 2016

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No Caption ABCDE PPP-141109-094602001
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And what will we do with their tomorrow?

Will we fight for democracy with the same determination as those who went before? Or will we take the easy way and give way to those with more money? Will we continue to let those who can buy their way, have their way? Is it not time for those who need drainage and know how to drain, to do the draining and let those who know how to buy votes, buy them where it will do less harm to agriculture and soil structure? If we are going to be independent we shall need to be self sufficient. When it was needed last time, we did not bundle the experienced ones to the other side of the world. They were appreciated where they could do the most good. They were not replaced by townies afraid to get their shoes dirty. Bring back democracy, we fought for it. Is this what Brexit is all about?

G Doubleday, Walsoken