Letters; George Doubleday, September 29, 2016

Welney Washes flooded in May ENGANL00120120405092614
Welney Washes flooded in May ENGANL00120120405092614
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With regard to Welney Wash – what price for democracy?

Five million pounds is too much to prevent the citizens of Welney becoming second class citizens. Their floodwater did not fall on their parish, it fell on a much larger catchment area. If the residents of that area paid their share it would not be much per head. But why does the water stop at Welney? What stands between the floodwater and the sea?

The Lynn Internal Drainage Board area stands in the way. This board has recently changed its format. It is no longer democratic. Elected members no longer have the majority. West Norfolk Council has been allowed to appoint members to outnumber elected members so the council controls the exit of the floodwater to the sea. When is the next election? They are also restricting the drainage water to the sea. See where the blame belongs. We are all trussed up.

G Doubleday, Walsoken