Letters: George Geer, April 22, 2016

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May I request that people who like to go down to Point Green (in Lynn) contact the council to voice their objection to planning application Ref: 16/00531/F, to re-site track way to Point Green.

There are several reasons why this application should not be passed. Point Green is of scientific interest because of the plants growing there. Also visiting the site are bird watchers, local people out for a walk, sometimes with a dog and/or children. Also visiting are ramblers, tourists and holidaymakers. Residents in the houses at the end of the existing track, adjacent to Point Green, will, during very high tides and inclement weather causing flooding, find it impossible to get to and from work, the shops, and other activities. The proposed track way will have to be raised up several feet to avoid flooding, virtually as high as the existing track to make access possible.Considering the above points I request that this application be rejected and refused.

George E Geer

by email