Letters: Geraldine Farrow, March 13, 2015

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In response to Mr Newman (Letters, March 6) regarding religious slaughter and stricter controls over abattoirs, he may be surprised to learn Henry Bellingham is a strong supporter of stricter controls.

I recently signed a petition regarding these issues and a standard letter was sent to my MP, Henry Bellingham.

I received a swift response which was personally signed.

He stated he is on record as strongly supporting CCTV in abattoirs and his view is that ALL animals should be stunned before slaughter.

He goes on to say “there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for either Jewish and Muslim communities to try and find a way round this”.

I also know Jo Rust and doubt if she would have an issue supporting this either.

My personal view is, if certain religions require meat that has not been stunned maybe they should consider importing it from a country where this hideous practise is acceptable.

I have no problem with provision for other cultures in our society unless it involves practises which are unacceptable to us as a nation.

Why should the rules be bent to accommodate the wishes of other religions and cultures when it involves acts of extreme cruelty which are frankly abhorrent?

Geraldine Farrow,