Letters: Gerry Byren, November 18, 2016

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I see the Mike Larcey column is at it again, calling anyone who voted Brexit, as uninformed and he and ‘Remain’ were the only ones who understood the issues in the referendum. The misinformation as he calls it was on both sides and he is arrogant in saying people could not decipher which to believe and which to not.

He talks about it being the fault of the Tories that the nation decided Brexit and for ‘Leave’ to open their eyes to the propaganda that swayed them to their decision.

I do not know on which planet he was on in the run-up to the referendum. Cameron was the leader of ‘Remain’ and put the full weight of the Government propaganda machine behind it.

Remember, the economy would collapse, recession would be imminent, the banking system would crash, car manufacturers would pull out of the country, house prices would fall, nobody would trade with us. Apart from a fall in the pound and it is slowly recovering, none of this has happened. We are still in a period of growth and, of course, when we Brexit there will be teething problems, but I am sure we have a Government that can negotiate good terms going forward.

Nothing can be done about the health service (Boris Johnson quote) or anything else until we invoke Article 55, so until then we are still in Europe and their laws, and our contributions. If you are supporting Corbyn, you will be fighting a lost cause, as the people of the North, formerly Labour supporters, voted overwhelmingly in favour of Brexit.

Gerry Byrne, Snettisham