Letters: Gerry Byrne, October 11, 2016

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Mike Larcey’s regular column in the Lynn News is wearing thin.

His and the Remain’s predictions of the collapse of the UK economy on voting Brexit are not coming true. He will not accept it is still growing, foreign investment in Britain has continued, employment is at a record high and wages are up. Obama’s predictions are irrelevant as a supporter of Cameron as he finishes his term. All the signs are that we will be dealing with another 5 billion people on our terms as well as good trade deals with Europe as we are one of their biggest markets. We will interpret human rights laws with our judges rather than be dictated to by those in Europe and make some progress on controlling our borders. This does not mean a stop to immigration but control whom we need and take. We still will be Europeans but in a global market and freedom to look beyond the confines of membership of the European Union. Mike Larcey, despite calling himself a democratic socialist, has not accepted the legitimate referendum vote of the majority of the British public. It is in all our interests to make it work rather than try to subvert it, and have some respect for democracy, even though he might not agree with the decision.

Gerry Byrne, Snettisham