Letters: Gill Blood, April 21, 2017

Field of tulips at Gayton Rd East Winch
Field of tulips at Gayton Rd East Winch
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Earlier today we took a weekly trip to the tulip fields near East Winch to take some photos.

When we arrived there, there were quite a lot of vistors, taking photos and walking through the tulips. Definitely a place to be admired.

I’m sorry to say that the activities of some of the families were beyond belief.

People such as ourselves, taking pictures and enjoying the colours, an artist painting the tulips, but some families

allowing their children to run all over the tulips and pick the flowers! I’m sure they know who they are. Is nothing in this world sacred? What happened to just looking and admiring? taking pictures to show family and friends. If everyone took a bunch of tulips I wonder how quickly there would be fences put up and the colourful pictures lost forever. Where is the respect these days for other people’s property?

At the end of the day it is stealing and also someone’s livelihood.

Gill Blood

Pott Row