Letters: Graham Bartlett, September 16, 2016

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I am hoping to find out about the Swaffham tile works which used to operate just south of the town.

I would like to hear from any employees who used to work for the Essex tile company or for Redland roof tiles who took over the site. I used to work for Redland and visited Swaffham tile works in 1986 after it was upgraded to become their flagship factory, but when I moved to Narborough in 2009 I was surprised to see the Swaffham factory had closed and the buildings had been demolished. I have recently discovered that the factory closed in 1994 and would like to talk to anyone who has information or pictures of the site, with a view to starting a group to share pictures and information, including residents of Redland Park who may be interested in the history of the site. I would like to know what type of tiles were made there, why the site closed down after less than 10 years of being converted to a showpiece works, and hope to find some pictures of the factory.

My email address is gbartlett87@btinternet.com

Graham Bartlett, by email