Letters: Graham Carrigan, December 11, 2015

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My sympathies go out to Jean Tuck and her family for that awful incident in the park.

Isn’t there supposed to be a warden in situ? If so, then where are they? During my regular trips back and forth through the park I’ve never seen anyone even resembling a patrolling warden.

On the subject of restrictions, the faster the better as far as I’m concerned. Every morning I navigate through there between 8am-9am I observe a group of approximately six to eight dogs inconveniencing cyclists and pedestrians.

They’re all off the lead, which ordinarily isn’t a problem providing their owners are in close proximity and controlling their activity. But more often than not that isn’t the case. They’re permitted to run wherever they like and I’ve witnessed minor accidents/incidents on several occasions over the past couple of years.

By no means is this a reflection on all dog owners, just (as usual) the ignorant minority. Time I think for the council to start monitoring the situation and ultimately imposing an “all-dogs-on-leads” restriction on public pathsways. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to conduct random spot checks to ensure owners were complying with any restrictions.

Graham Carrigan

by email