Letters: Heacham development, August 12, 2016

Heacham Masterplan ANL-160107-110024001
Heacham Masterplan ANL-160107-110024001
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After reading your piece concerning Hopkins development in the Lynn News , I feel I have to make a comment.

Very few residents living on Manorfields Estate feel that the access through Harry’s Way for construction vehicles is suitable. Also, why did the planning people agree to the building of these properties without looking at an alternative access? Why is it supposed to take six months to construct a roundabout ? If you were to look on Google Earth, you will notice that there could be a direct access route from the proposed site to the Tesco roundabout going over Searles land. Okay, it would possibly mean moving a few of his log cabins. But who is making a lot of money by selling this land? Also this land is flat and would need very little levelling if any.

If this route was to be used there would be no complaints from Hunstanton Road residents in Heacham also no complaints from the Manorfields residents. Before I retired to Hunstanton I was an HGV driver with over 40 years’ experience most of it on articulated vehicles. Therefore I KNOW how much space is required for the movement of these vehicles.

The access to Harry’s Way via Annes Drive is just not suitable. Also there are residents in Harry’s Way who have to park their cars on the roadside and will continue to do so.

Many of us wonder if anyone from the planning department has actually been to see the situation in Harry’s Way. We very much doubt if they have.

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