Letters: Helen Bambury, March 31, 2017

The scene in Westminster, London.
The scene in Westminster, London.
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Kindness is alive and well.

Following the terrible terror attack in London, the words “carnage” and “kindness” were used to describe what had happened by a national newspaper. It is common following a major catastrophe to highlight how humans want to help each other. The same happened after the riots in Tottenham which spread over London a few years ago. This is all very worthy and makes good headlines.

Today I went to my local leisure club. The manager was helping a frail elderly man to get in and out of the pool and instruct him on suitable exercises. He showed enormous patience and gave him his full attention. I thought that maybe this man had had to pay for this help, but I was proved wrong, it was all part of customer service. It seems that cynicism and negativity have permeated our society. Social media has become a vehicle for those wishing to abuse others and we can be in danger of thinking it has permeated our psyche. It is heartening to realise that in the real world kindness does exist, be it broadcast all over the newspapers or quietly going on in the background. Give me the real world any day

Helen Bambury

Hextable Road, Lynn