Letters: Helen Grant, March 10, 2015

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Further to the front page of the Lynn News (February, 27) regarding patients being asked to share a cubicle, I cannot understand why the public are surprised at such a suggestion.

The front line services are always targeted regarding long waits, people on trolleys in corridors, no beds to move people on to wards, lack of staff and now this, cubicle sharing.

I worked in the Accident & Emergency Department at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford from 1988 to 1998 and things were no different back then.

I often used to go home after a late shift only to return for an early shift the next day and see the same faces I left the night before and the department still had to provide emergency services despite already being full with patients on trolleys waiting for beds.

During the run-up to every election the government ‘promise’ their priorities will be health and education, leading us to think that at last someone will ease the burden and stress that all front line staff face on a daily basis.

But they are false promises and when I read this article it highlighted what I already thought I knew; that nothing has changed and nothing will.

So before the public and the media start criticising these over-worked, under-paid, stressed out staff on the front line and beyond, just remember that whatever party gets into government things will not just stay the same but get worse.

It is not the fault of the staff, who are just as frustrated and angered by the situation as everyone else.

So instead of moaning about all this, do something nice such as putting an extra packet of biscuits in your shopping trolley and taking them to the staff in A&E. Such a small act of kindness will help all those staff realise that we do care.

Helen Grant

West Winch