Letters: Henry Bellingham, January 30, 2015

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I refer to your recent reports about the wise decision by Cory Wheelabrator to write to the Secretary of State for Communities to request that the planning application is now treated as “withdrawn”.

I have subsequently received a letter from the Department for Communities and Local Government to formally confirm that Secretary of State Eric Pickles MP is treating the application as withdrawn so that it is no longer before him for a decision.

Obviously this is a superb New Year present for West Norfolk, because at long last all the uncertainty has been completely removed. Of course we knew a while back when the County Council cancelled the contract that the project was doomed. However, at that stage it looked as though Cory

Wheelabrator were going to persist with their appeal.

Indeed, had the Secretary of State allowed their appeal, the uncertainty would have continued. I would like to pay a heartfelt thanks to all of the key people in the KLWIN team and all of their supporters who worked tirelessly on a cross-party basis to ensure local democracy prevailed.

I would also like to put on record my deep gratitude to the Lynn News for the unstinting support for the campaign during what was a rollercoaster ride. Allister Webb and his colleagues never lost their patience with the campaigners and were always invariably courteous.

Finally, of course there are many lessons which must be learnt. Furthermore it is equally essential that Norfolk puts in place a sustainable method for processing its residual waste, but now is the time for all of those campaigners to pause and reflect on the superb work they did.

Henry Bellingham,

MP for North West Norfolk