Letters: Henry Birkbeck, May 1, 2015

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I was shocked and upset to see that you had printed an ignorant and misjudged article entitled ‘Boating Lake – No thought for all the wildlife’ by “A Walker Not a sailor (Lynn News, April 21).

Contrary to the suggestion, the newly formed lake is not for people to ‘bob around in boats’, and rather than being made for profit, it has not only cost money, effort and time but has been created for the benefit of both wildlife and the public.

The project was discussed the River Board, Natural England, the Planning authorities and DEFRA before it began and we were advised that there was nothing of great interest in the flora and fauna, nor that it would have any detrimental effect on the River Nar nearby. No trees were cut down although one or two elder bushes and willow saplings were destroyed.

The extensive permissive path network that has been created and signposted by the Westacre Estate in recent years is being extended so as to link with the lake.

The western half of the lake is to be left to grow back naturally, without access to walkers, for the benefit of the wildlife, both flora and fauna, whereas the eastern half of the lake will be accessible to the public to enjoy and see all the wildlife that is already colonising the lake. Perhaps your walker would like to leave it for a year or so whilst the habitat recovers, but they would be welcome back if they come with a more thoughtful and positive attitude.

Henry Birkbeck,

Westacre Estate