Letters: I Christie, July 15, 2016

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The legitimacy of the referendum result is rightly being considered unacceptable by people who are supporters of democracy, on the one hand, and heralded as sacrosanct by others who consider themselves to be of the same ilk. Yet any genuine democracy would have ruled the result to be illegitimate and unacceptable if it were proved to have been engineered by falsehood.

The £350 million flashed across the Brexit battlebus is the regular example being shown by the media, but there were many other deceptions utilised over a long period, such as the massive exaggeration of the number of immigrants going straight to the Benefit Office,(0.7 per cent, or seven in a thousand) or the ease of acquisition of houses, the number of cases of EU law in which our laws were over-ruled (actually something like 56 lost to 2,700 agreed), the millions of Turks about to arrive, etc., through to the “bent bananas” stuff and nonsense, and the sinister implantation of the idea that “red-tape” and myriad regulations were strangling our business opportunities and profitability, when they were actually protecting workers and consumers alike.

Then, of course, there was the accusation that Germany were simply trying a different method of taking us over to the military one that failed! We must fight for a re-run of this referendum, as anything else would be an attack on our much vaunted “British Values”.

I Christie, Silver Drive, Dersingham