Letters: I Christie, July 7, 2015

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The decision to reverse the original judgement to curtail court proceedings in the case of Greville Janner will displease those who believe that the original decision was correct (due to his sufferance of dementia).

If what has been reported is correct, the fresh intention will help to restore some faith into our justice system, in the overall and very disturbing subject in which that faith has been seriously undermined for many others.

I make no judgement of the Labour Party Peer, as I respect the legal term “sub judice” for both the good of its intention as well as for my own security, but, moving away from his particular situation, and into the vast expanse of this historic expose, I do have qualms about the entry into my head of another term, this time of a non-legal and non- “Party” nature, namely “conspicuous by their absence”.

I Christie

Silver Drive, Dersingham