Letters: I Christie, June 14, 2016

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The modern Gang of Four (Johnson, Gove, Duncan-Smith and Patel) have a worryingly large easily-duped segment of our population to thank for their continued acceptance as genuine people, never mind politicians.

Due to the forthcoming referendum, their hypocritical vote-seeking pragmatism has brought them to the point of pronouncing their sudden heartfelt concern that working people have been cheated of proper remuneration for their efforts and expertise for the last few years. This travesty of justice, they currently pontificate, can only be rectified by the country voting to “Leave”.

After donkey’s years of austerity, we are suddenly treated to Johnson’s anger at the low wages of working people who are inexcusably charged with settlement of the debts! Gove has added to the Brexiter’s planned new image by condemning the appalling bankers and their sickening bonus-culture. Duncan-Smith probably takes the biscuit with his tear-stained sorrow at the plight of the poor, after having devised plans to shoe-horn them into inappropriate employment under pain of losing entitlement to benefits. He might brag his dislike of “regulation”, but not when it comes to the completion of benefit-claim forms. Their big vote-winner is aimed at xenophobes and patriots, exciting them with the emotional pledge to “win our powers back”, but there is no sadder sight than working people cheering the promise of obtaining a return of “powers”, when those powers are almost certainly in the sole sphere of attacking their own rights and employment protections.