Letters: Iain Christie, April 29, 2016

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JPNS-29-11-11-008 DONALD AND MELANIA TRUMP ENGPPP00120111128134521
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On this side of the pond, a large percentage of our population is astonished at the success and popularity of Donald Trump, a seemingly deranged populist who apparently has no policies, nor understanding of the need of them, while consistently spewing vacuous nonsense to no ill effect to his electability.

I, too, am one of the head-scratchers, but I also question the logic of some of our own audience.

Many of Trump’s opinions, for want of a better word, can be heard in abundance in any pub or bus station in this country, particularly on his pet subjects of immigration, Muslims, “scroungers”, etc. The strangest examples of this common invertive thinking come from people purporting to be Trump dissenters who pass offensive emailed missives, joke discourses, cartoons, etc, around dozens of “inboxes”, attacking the very groups and individuals who are regularly regaled by Trump himself.

I Christie, Silver Drive, Dersingham