Letters: Iain Christie, August 11, 2015

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Once again a whistle-blower has surfaced with knowledge and courage to enlighten many sports fans with news of the probable extent of corruption endemic in the race for sporting victory, with revelations of the high usage of drugs at the top level of athletics.

Not confined to the world of sport, the revelation offers us all the opportunity for assessing the importance of those in all walks of life who have the courage and morality to put their heads above the parapet, with the drive required to improve efficiency and fairness in their respective location, anywhere from the workplace to the leisure arena.

With the nowadays regular discovery of corruption caused by the “win at all costs” nature of the modern world, in too many areas of public life to list, the industries, services, and leisure organisations that regularly fall under our scrutiny will only achieve the level of efficiency that we naively consider already exists when the whistle-blower is accorded the status of “manager”, and the manager who currently holds back the career of the truth-sayer is accorded the staus of “ex-employee”.

I Christie

Silver Drive, Dersingham