Letters: Iain Christie, August 9, 2016

Brexit bus EMN-160523-145531001
Brexit bus EMN-160523-145531001
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Sarah Juggins deserves praise for the perception and courage she showed in her article about Brexit. As a people we are educated to have pride in our version of democracy, that of a system that is designed to not merely effect the wishes of a majority, but for those wishes to have resulted from honest presentation of facts and argument.

Sarah is correct to be outraged by the dis-service done to our system, and to the millions of people who take its integrity for granted. She is also correct that the fraudulent result has induced a frightening level of racism in our society that is shaming to fair-minded people.

Nigel Farage has been proved on many occasions to have failed to present a factual scenario or argument to the electorate, thereby holding its members in contempt. Boris Johnson has also been caught out and sacked for inventing stories and telling bare-faced lies throughout his various “professional” positions, and worse, appeared genuinely shocked and somewhat sardonically amused that politicians and journalists at both the French and American embassies should have been bothered enough by his mendacious record to even mention it. A fair indication of his moral compass, I would venture.

It is being said too often that “we’re all Leavers now”, and “everyone must accept this result”, but agreement to those notions are impossible for people who regard the result as untenable. I believe our outrage should induce the democratic majority of this country to demand a further referendum, now that the difference has emerged between propaganda and truth, and that legal action should be taken against the perpetrators of this denigration of our valued system of governance.

I Christie, Dersingham